Hi! I'm João Barata Oliveira, a student
at FCT-UNL majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

If you want to know a bit more about what I do, feel free
to check out my projects or to send me an email


These are some of the projects in which I've been involved during the last few years, both at university and around the world. If you want to know more about a specific project just click on it! Also feel free to reach me if you can't find the information you need.



SINFO - Semana Informática



Microsoft Student Partners

About Me

Hello, I'm currently a 5th year student of the Integrated Master program in Electrical in Computer Engineering at FCT/UNL. During my student years I was a Microsoft Student Partner for 4 years and was also Vice-Chairman for Publications and Administration of EESTEC. Currently I've been focusing on some research projects beeing developed at UNINOVA's CTS and defending the interests of my fellow students as a member of the pedagocical council. If you want to know in detail what I've done in the last years you can also download my Curriculum Vitae.


If you want to know more about what I do or you have an offer of any kind, please feel free to drop me an email or contact me via LinkedIn or even Facebook. You can also use this form to reach out. I try never to leave an e-mail unanswered.